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I grew up in a small town
By: John Dunton  -  1/29/2013

JohnCarving_s.jpgI grew up in a small town. Everybody knew everybody.  One of the things you learn in that kind of environment was to never do anything you are ashamed of because everybody knew what you did (and who you were with and where...etc).


The another good thing you learned was where to go to get things done.  The welder in town, I think his name was Bill, had a good reputation as a fair man, gruff but fair.  I remember him cause when I was referred to him what said was that Bill did it you could count on the work being "horse high, bull strong ,and pig ugly".  The ugly was an exaggeration. 


I bring this up cause having been raise and formed my values in this environment I can honestly say That the Customer is NOT always Right.When you come to develop a skill and knowledge base that people are willing to pay you to utilize these skills and experience, it is often because they do not have said skills and experience.  Or they don't have the tools or time.


In my business this situation arises in commissioned art, and custom stone fabrication.  In both of these situations you learn the true inadequacies of verbal communication.  Imagine trying to accurately tell another human with completely different life experiences of a artistic concept of your imagination. 


The simplest concepts can be equally trying  verbally describe the width, depth, color, texture and thickness of a non rectilinear object.  A bench for your back yard, a seat for you shower, a mantle over your fireplace, a water feature for your pond.


For any creative thing we start with drawings and models.  Then we approach it iteratively.  Start with a basic shape and then improve on it as it progresses. With you the client participating all along the way. 


For the other stuff just bring an accurate template.

John Dunton John Dunton

I have been carving stone for many years and now I am able to share my talents and expertise with you all. Thank you for visiting my site and my blog!
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