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I was raised in the driest desert in North America, to a large extent there was only rock all around me.  In high school I learned silver smithing and lapidary; skills I continue to practice today.  Art has always been a part of my life.  It was actually at this time in life that I first considered stone sculpture.  I was on a field trip to Los Angeles and saw one of those life size lions in granite and thought to myself 'I could do that'.  Well, now I do.  Though the subject matter has changed with me, as I've moved through life.
It wasn't until later in life that I started to carve stone in earnest.  The moment the chisel touched the rock, I knew I found my bliss.
So for the last 15 years I have worked nearly every day in stone.  I have been in the Redmond location since 2004.  I worked in North Bend before that for 4 years.  The custom fabrication side of my business started in North Bend.  As I was drilling a rock for sculpture, when one of the rock yard clients asked if I could drill for them.  It has grown from there and become a nice balance to the creative side of the studio.  Most of my fabrication clients are friends and this makes for a very comfortable work environment (people laugh that in nine years I only have one name on the 'Wall of Shame'.)
The skill of working hard stone (granite and basalt) for me is based in experience.  There are quite a few people who also work in hard stone but it is not often taught because it is not often sought.  I am mostly self taught and have also taught a few.  It is interesting to visit another artist studio to see how they work, their tools, and how they have solved different problems.  A lot of the skill is problem solving within your own skill set, and is quite fun actually.
I do not only work in granite and basalt; I love to work in limestone and marble.  Cararra is dreamy and enduring - local and inexpensive - and so popular with my clients and myself.