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Welcome to On The Rocks Sculpture Studio

Hi, you have found the website for On the Rocks Sculpture Studio and sculptor John C. Dunton.  Our website provides an introduction to:

  • my art
  • my work
  • and to some extent, my life


I am a stone sculptor in the Seattle area, who also provides custom stone fabrication services to individuals, companies and public entities.  Stone sculpture is the main focus of the studio.  Most of my art work is done independently, with occasional collaborations. The artwork is produced on speculation and is available for sale.  Our website offers and introduction to the artwork; generally I don't sell art via the website.  In addition to the creative aspect of the studio I also provide custom stone fabrication for hire.  Like the art work, the fabrication services range from minor (under $20) to weeks long efforts (more than $20).


  • The About page will provide a brief introduction into who I am, what I do, how I got here, and perhaps where I'm going. 
  • The Gallery page will provide images of past and present works.
  • The Services page will describes what types of services are available. 
  • I am required to create a blog for internet reasons ( engine stuff) but I have a tendency to rant and ramble so this forum will be perfect. 
  • And of course the contact page for questions and to begin our dialogue.


I trust you will enjoy my website and browse through my work.  I can't wait to hear about your ideas for your stone sculpture piece!

Photograph provided by Daniel Colvin at